• Minimum of 8 minute warm ups.
  • Fully timed 8 minute quarters
  • One-minute quarter and three quarter time breaks
  • Three-minute half time break
  • Three timeouts allowed per team per game which can be taken at any time.
  • Four-minute overtime in case of tied score. One extra time out per team allowed per overtime.

Shot Clock

The 24 second shot clock Operating for A Men and A Women only.  Where there is no shot clock in the case of a close game and a team is wasting the clock, the referee will call a 10 second warning to shoot, this applies to all grades.

3 pointers

3 pointers are always taken from the outside line for all grades.


Each State must provide two scorers for each of their games (a total of 4 scores are required). The scoreboard operator and the scoresheet official should be in constant communication. The scorers are responsible to make sure votes are completed and collected. The scoresheet is the final authority.


Unsportsmanlike conduct such as bad language or excessive physical aggression will incur an immediate technical foul. Players may be given a warning with ‘minor ‘bad language – referees discretion.


Players must play in at least 3 games inside their respective division to qualify for the Grand Final. Players must play in at least ½ the fixtured games to qualify for Semi Finals.


Each team is to give 3, 2 and 1 votes to the opposite team. The referees together will give 3, 2 and 1 to the best players of the match.

Registration of players

Players are only allowed to play in their registered team. If required, players can play up or down a grade only under the approval of the national delegates. The preference would be they only go up grades, not down and players cannot not move more than 1 grade.

Finals qualification

The top two teams will go through to the final. Where teams are on equal points, it will go head to head. In the case of a draw at the head to head, it will go on percentage between the tied teams.

All other ladder determinations will follow FIBA regulations.

Rule Changes

In the protection of the mission of the carnival, the national committee can have input into any of the rules during the carnival.

Spirit of the Game

In all B grade games if an opposition team is winning by 20 or more points the team must go back to the 3-point line.