What is Baptist Basketball Carnival?


Like nothing you’ve been involved in before or ever likely to find elsewhere…

Where can you see basketball from state championship level to beginner, competing for their state in the same tournament? Where team chants and sideline shenanigans become a sport in itself. Where else might you find whole families playing in the same team?

The competition is fierce, the community vibe is electric. This is the Australian Baptist Basketball Championship. This is Carnival.

Carnival is a unique tournament that invites teams from all over Australia to gather together and compete for their state in a one-week national basketball tournament, held each year in the January holiday period.

Carnival has been building friendships and providing thrills for over 45 years and is open to everyone. We’re proud to be offering you this, and if you’re new to Carnival we can’t wait to see you get involved. If you’ve been around before, we love having you back! We hope you come along with an open mind, ready to challenge how you see life and how you see yourself.

Please note Carnival events are drug and alcohol free. We ask that you respect this value as we seek to provide a safe environment for all and offer positive alternatives within the Australian sporting culture.